Yes competitions are back from 6th June

Hello all,

We would like to remind everyone that competitions start back this weekend, 6th-7th June and with this there are some important reminders.

  • Please ensure that your scores are entered correctly. This can be done in three ways:-
      1. If using MiScore both you and your nominated marker will need to confirm your scores for it to register.
      2. The Kiosk will be available to enter your card as per normal (remember to take your card home with you).
      3. Take a photo of your card, ensuring that it has your golf link number on it, and send that photo to our Captain on 0448717972 and he will enter your score for you.


  • Please be aware of the changes to the way we now play golf with Covid 19, as already communicated by Peter.


  • Please read the noticeboard, which will either be in the Pro Shop or in front of the clubhouse. This will confirm what competition we are playing and what tees to hit off. Also this is where you will find out if there are any rules changes for the day, for example preferred lies or if bunkers will be G.U.R etc.


Lastly we would like to say that as a Match Committee and a Golf Club Committee, we are doing our absolute best to ensure that competitions run as smoothly as possible given the changed environment we live in. Please be patient as I’m sure there will be things come up that we haven’t thought of, but we will work through any problems that may arise.


Welcome Back Golfers


P.S. Find attached an amended syllabus for the next month. There are some minor changes so please be sure to read it carefully.


Kind regards

Creekside Match Committee