VGL Joan Hope Memorial Salvers

I know this was won by Mary-Lou a little while ago before our new web site was up and running, but it is worth to mention it now. 


This VGL ladies event was held at Rosanna Golf Club in May 2019. Mary-Lou Mair won the trophy making it the fourth time that Creekside Golf Club took home this prize. Last year, our previous member, Ingrid Lockwood won. 


We will also have some more news soon about another recent event that our ladies won. It is very impressive how many VGL events that our ladies have won considering the number of ladies in our club.


Come on boys what is wrong with you ? We have a few men events on over the next month and we all hope that we can have some good results.

All the best of luck to all Creeksiders who will be representing our club in the near future.